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We are a global community of
EXPERIENCE CHAMPIONS that are inspired and motivated to make the world a better place


EXPERIENCE CHAMPIONS are leaders who are inspired and passionate to lead and deliver incredible experiences for customers and employees.

EXPERIENCE CHAMPIONS are leaders that share insight, ideas and stories with each other on how to improve experiences through people leadership, technology, strategy and engagement. We focus on the human touch and how great experience can make people's lives better.


Today the world is more and more disconnected and sometimes the only people we come into contact with are those who are providing an experience for us - whether it's visiting a Zoo, going to the hair salon, shopping at a supermarket or buying a coffee.

All of these interactions we have can shape and define how we feel as human beings. A great experience can make us feel great and have a ripple effect. Yet even though we know that customer and employee experience is important, so many organizations lack the motivation and focus on what they can do to make experiences amazing.

Experience goes well beyond service. It's everything we encounter. Practically every organization provides an experience for society.

At an individual level, an EXPERIENCE CHAMPION can enjoy fulfillment and purpose from the impact they can have on their community. 


Do these sorts of questions get you excited?

       How can we be more creative in going above and beyond customer expectations?


       What's the best of the best doing to make it easy for customers and employees?


       How can we be the most effective leaders we can be?


       How can we inspire our team members and organizations to be experience obsessed?


       Where do we turn to for inspiration on lifting our experience? What's new and innovative?


       What inspires and motivates us to BE an EXPERIENCE CHAMPION?

Become an EXPERIENCE CHAMPION starting now!

Anyone can choose to be an EXPERIENCE CHAMPION! It helps by following the 4 steps below!

1. Join one of our EXPERIENCE CHAMPIONS social events (Like us on Facebook to see event announcements)

2. Connect with other EXPERIENCE CHAMPIONS in our Facebook Group

3. Start by being a good customer - what you give is what you get

4. Tell your colleagues about how they can BE an EXPERIENCE CHAMPIONS

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