• Steve Williams

Customer service 'training' is not the solution

In today's experience based economy, businesses are evolving their operation to provide a full experience around their products and/or services from start to end. The times have changed and expectations on customer experiences are higher than ever. Not only are they comparing you with your competitors, they are taking expectations from market disruptors who have nailed the performance of ‘making it easy’ and projecting them onto your business. Their expectations are high and are growing. Many businesses still believe that delivering a quick induction into customer service with a wash of ‘we care about our customers’ will solve all their customer service issues.

Yes, an hour or two of training may give your customer service employees a bit of a boost, but it’s only going to be short lived.

Customer experience is an ecosystem composed of many moving parts. For the ecosystem to thrive a combination of leadership, vision, strong values, a defined mission, team empowerment, recognition, rewards and benefits are needed. This is backed by thorough administration from recruitment and selection to performance management and retention strategies. These do not operate in silos, in fact there is a symbiotic relationship in that one organism can impact on another organism. Everything works together like cogs in a wheel to deliver team engagement that fosters a frictionless experience.

What leaders need to realize is that a simple training workshop will not solve your customer service problems. You need strong leaders that empower team members to work towards a vision, backed by a well designed experience strategy.

An experience strategy covers all aspects of the ecosystem and is used as a blueprint to make short and long term decisions and formulates how the organization runs. This strategy may be at a team level, department level or organization level.

It’s time that leaders embark on a journey of full awareness of their experience and develop a roadmap to customer experience success.

Need help? EXPERIENCE CHAMPIONS helps small to medium business owners and leaders review their experience, define a strategy and provide exciting workshops and training to engage your team to transform.

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A great experience needs more than just a customer service course - you need a 360 approach


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